What is Codiga?

Developed by Moises Goiz (architect, psychologist and biomagnetist), Codiga is a technique of Biomagnetic Neuropsychology. It is used to treat emotional disturbances and also to help a wide range of neurological issues.

  • What defines who we are?
  • Are we the same person in sickness and in full health?
  • Why is it so hard to “go back to normality” after a life’s major event like an accident, disease, stress, burn out, depression or losing a love one?

Maybe you have realized that the repetition of patterns comes automatically and rises from core beliefs, emotions, shock/conflicts that are a product of our parents, educators, friends, experiences. That is how we build up our reality and our behaviours. Of course, part of how we do things is coming from the brain and the heart’s neurological pathways (let’s call it neurological roads). Now, we are building these neurological roads without noticing how and when, so we create patterns that dictate our response to life scenarios and our health outcome! So if our experiences are not necessarily good ones, then our neurological patterns will not serve us well. Codiga can help re-establish the right function and the right road for different behavior and to overcome the blocked situation.


How does it work?

The tests done on the first appointment give an insight into the emotions associated with the mind that may be limiting your wellbeing. The treatment consists on the development of social, psychological and emotional skills through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, to promote the neuroplasticity.



Zorg ervoor dat je de 2 dagen ervoor veel drinkt. Dit is ongeveer. 30cl vloeistoffen / kg gewicht

1st session is usually up to 60min
following sessions are up to 30min
Codiga + Life coaching is up to 100min
Reevaluation is after 21 days and you can book it after you have the 1st Codiga session planned in.

Meestal acute situaties zie je de resultaten meteen na de sessie, maar denk er altijd aan dat het lichaam dagen nodig heeft om te genezen.

Als je kunt ja, maar het is niet verplicht. Na een sessie is het goed om tijd voor jezelf te hebben, om te integreren wat we bespreken.

After a session you have afirmations or cards to read each day. This reenforces the new way of thinking.