What is Bioenergetic?

Bioenergetics is a technique that makes it possible to find out more about the energy-body-spirit connection and treat it. The branch of BioEnergetics that I use is called Microbioenergetics because it is bio-energetically with biomagnetism.
I learned it from Dr. Miguel Ojeda, the Doctor who developed it himself from extensive research. It connects microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites) with specific emotions, traumas, genes and even looks at family lines to detect the cause of the disease.

With these sessions, we block the information about specific conflicts and trauma that cause disease and/or block healing. It is about the profound understanding of how microbes affect us at all levels of our existence and our evolution. Going back to the moment we got sick, finding the conflict that initiated the whole process and sometimes even inventing why the patient attracts a certain situation.



Biomagnetism can answer the usual question we all have when we know that something is not right.

How does it work?

Bionenergetics works by means of Kinesiology and following very specific protocols for different conflicts and health problems. Your body gives the answers. It is code communication with binary replies: Yes/No. The treatment is done with magnets-biomagnetism and by modifying and cancelling the information. How is it possible for your body to give the answers? Because every experience you live and every repeated thought leaves a memory in your nervous system, a footprint on your body field.

* It is based on Energy and Microbiome Medicine, DNA information, Epigenetics, Human Genome, Metabolomics, Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics, Biological decoding, Psychosomatic Medicine, Bioenergetics and Biomagnetism.


Make sure you drink a lot the 2 days before. This is about. 30cl Liquids/kg weight

No. “Biological biodescodification connects emotions with physical diseases. Thus connects parts of the body with emotions; So physical illnesses are directly connected to emotional blockages. Bioenergetic does this as well, but also discovers at the time this started, treats the microbe (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) so that the pattern you live is taken away.

Not exactly. I will ask questions and the body responds.

With kinesiology, which works like a reflex. A good example of how a reflex works: Imagine putting your hand on an extremely hot surface. At the same time I ask you “Is it Hot?” You definitely take your hand before you think it’s hot or not. This reflex happens because of the signals your central nervous system gets. Everything that happens on your body/energy field knows your central nervous system. Your command system needs every action of your cells, from your organs, etc. Manage. So it can be hard for you to know, but your body knows it.

Answers about how and when a pattern has begun, where the cause of your problems or illness lie.

Dress comfortably, long trousers/leggings, take a pair of socks with you.

Between 1h and 2h. Chronic situations sometimes at 2.30 o’clock. After a first session I will tell you how long we need for the next sessions.

In acute situations, you usually see the results immediately after the session, but always remember that the body needs a few days to heal.

If you can yes, but it is not mandatory. After a session it is good to have time for yourself, to integrate what we are discussing.

Usually you get some “homework” after the session, mainly some cleaning at home: like changing toothbrushes, contact lenses, changing sheets and towels and washing. It depends on what was dealt with. Everything is discussed after your session and you will receive the instructions on your email. If you have a fungus (yeast, fungi) or a bacterial infection, it might be a good idea to buy Sanytol bacteria and mold disinfectants for clothing and house in advance.