What is NES?

NES is a computer program that allows you to scan your Body-Field (HBF). It uses resonance to compare your HBF to the ideal HBF. It assesses hundreds of wellness data points in just a few seconds. The results tell you how well your Body-Field is turned on, whether it transmits information correctly to your body or if there are blockages. NES is designed to scan the energy field of the body and to measure the energetic and emotional imbalances.

NES is for people who want to learn more about themselves. People who want to know how to overcome their personal beliefs and how they can tailor these beliefs to their purpose of life and make the choices that will bring you to your goals.



NES assesses and corrects the body's energy and communication systems (a scan that monitors 150 systems shows where you have energetic and emotional blockages). As a result, the body improves its own ability to heal and stay healthy.

How does it work?

The Bodyscan is performed by placing the index finger on the scanning device. This is a device that looks like a computer mouse. After a few seconds, the results of the scan are displayed on the computer screen.
It is based on the basic principle that energy and information determine the biology of your body. It prevents, for example, that consciousness interacts with the physical world through the field, which is why our thoughts/emotions (especially shocks and traumas) have a high point which change our health.

Therefore, this scan also assesses thoughts, emotions, and patterns, including patterns that may “play in a loop” and potentially cause chronic health problems.

The treatment is based on the results of your scan. The therapist can restore the correct function for you. This is done by treating the Body-Field with energy and correct information provided by our electronic miHealth device. This is ideal to remedy blockages in the body field and contributes to relief of symptoms. In addition, we work with Infoceuticals liquid remedies that last several weeks. During this period, they work on restoring memory in the area of the ideal human body field.

For those who are really interested, our work is partly explained by quantum field theory, where the reality as we know it is based on a universal ground of non-material waves. The NES health or “Bio-Energetica” approach is to assess the unified field of the body and the individual and to correct fields and information paths that control everything that takes place at biochemical level. Read more about NES Health By clicking on the link.

The scan does not make any medical or physical assessment, so it does not tell you whether there is anything like lack of nutrients or the physical presence of toxins or viruses. It only assesses the Body-field’s bio-energetic match with each of these, as well as whether it needs support in assimilation or responding to these matches.


NES miHealth

The NES miHealth is a powerful and non-invasive instrument that effectively supports the elimination of energy blockades and corrects information that improves the result of many complaints.<br>
A miHealth session integrates pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), biofeedback, global<br>
Scale frequencies and Informational Patterns of Energy. The treatment will be conducted on the basis of your complaints or in combination with the results of the NES Health ProVision scan.
ABOUT NES miHealth

How the NES miHealth works

The different functions of the miHealth give the right input to help the body With the healing system. This is sometimes necessary because the body can easily get into “patterns” where the energy is blocked or gets stuck. The miHealth activates the energy flow by correcting the information. The device sends ultra-weak electrical signals to the contact area and waits for the body’s response.

PEMF therapy is created by an electric current that runs through a copper coil and produces a magnetic field. It is safe and has been used effectively in America and Europe for over fifty years.

Over the past few decades there have been more than 7000 studies and clinical trials, including those from NASA, which proved the benefits of PEMFs. Bio-electric Biofeedback therapy is known to help reduce stress and re-educate parts of the body and mind for healthier patterns.

Global scale frequencies are based on natural energy fluctuations in the Body-Field of humans.

Informational Patterns of Energy were brought to the world by Peter Fraser and his team. They are specific and patented patterns encoded on the carrier wave, which are identified during the mapping of the entire human body field. This shows the therapist how to reload, release, rejuvenate the energy of the body field and prepare it for the Infoceutical protocol.

This Video gives an overview of NES Health's proprietary imprinted water Infoceuticals that help the body return to its optimal blueprint.


Because it allows me to do different things: a wellness scan that takes only a few seconds but contains incredibly much information. For treatment I can use a device called the miHealth to get the body’s energy in motion and/or liquid remedies that help to optimize the body’s energy and communication systems (how systems interoperate Communicate).

The software shows more than 150 results about your body field systems, including:

Major organ and organ systems
Environmental influences, such as toxins and electromagnetic fields
Absorption, regulation and metabolism of nutrients.
Musculoskeletal system
Mind/Emotion, including trauma and shock, as well as understanding areas of your life you might want to look at to help you align your life goal and make the choices that will make you reach your goals.
Body-Field structures

Let me give you an example: a computer needs a software to run without just having hardware without information. Like our body, the Human body-Field is a Master Control System for the human body. This is where the information of our intelligent, self-repairing, self-correcting, energetic and informative structure functions. For over 30 years, Peter Fraser has studied physics, quantum biology, and Western and Chinese medicine to develop Human Body-Field theory. Watch the video to learn more about the Human Body-Field.