Shanti Uppal (born Sayenn K. Lae)

Sayenn K. Lae is an experienced Breathworkguide & Coach trained by Sondra Ray & Leonard Orr, the founders of Breathwork and travels also to give retreats. She developed her own relaxed & unconventional style and likes to work without time. She helps people free up their own natural breathingmechanism which got fuming through birth, specific life experiences, trauma & unconscious negative beliefsystems locked in the unconscious. To Unravel these she usually takes people through a process of 10 sessions yet everyone is welcome to simply try 1 session for which one needs to fill out a questionnaire first by email. Sessions can be intense & transformative especially in the beginning as they bring up supressed residue & resistance in order to let go when the system is ready to do that. Deep relaxation, connectedness, clarity and much more vitality is what clients say about this transformative process with Sayenn. Breath is Life.

She loves working as a team on people under magnetic health’s care and in professional communication with Magnetic Health also for her own clients to support the transformation process people have chosen to be on, as it greatly complements trust in many ways.

“Diana being devoted & precise in her wide research into the system through kinesiology combined with the clarity of the Nes Scan, effective infoceuticals & the power of the magnets to pull what a lot of health practitioners can’t pull off is wonderful to work With For me as my work is deeply intuitive, basic as it deals with one’s birth & on in the unconscious while people stay present which we translate into daily life through the coaching that is included in the process which can be about work, family , breathing issues etc. Wherever people are at shows the way and whatever is needed indicates my approach which can also include body & energy work. “


Genna Neilson

My name is Genna Neilson and I’m originally from New York State where I studied and received my license for massage therapy 10 years ago. For the last 6 years I have been practicing in Amsterdam, treating children, pregnant women, athletes and those afflicted from the general roller coaster of life. I specialize in Deep Tissue techniques aimed at relieving muscular tension and addressing soft tissue pain complaints. I also love performing relaxation massages and Foot reflexology sessions, as I find it so important to give the body a reprieve from the many strains which can lead to physical ailments down the line. Often times a combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques is really what the body is craving, in order to sink into your self and accept a much needed reset.

Massage Therapy has been a part of my life since before I was born, as my grandmother studied at the same institute in NYC where I eventually studied at, instilling a strong self-care mentality into my mother and thus into me. As a child I would regularly receive massage from a woman who worked on my mother through all her pregnancies, and I cannot stress the importance of learning “healthy Touch” at an early age, allowing me to become more self-aware and confident in my body as I grew into put F.

More and more we are viewing massage not as a luxury but as a necessity. It is a way to connect with your body and become aware of sensations your busy mind had been too occupied to consider. I Love bringing this awareness to people, which along with inner knowledge brings and along with pain relief.



When I return to New York these days, I still visit the same woman who massaged my mother all those years and so massaged me from the womb through my twenties, her touch more and more powerful each time. The beauty of the healing arts is there is always something more to learn, and I have faith that through these years, the knowledge I gain on top of what I already know will only help to better serve and heal those who need it. I believe massage benefits the body, mind and soul in immense and diverse ways. I look at every individual with a fresh set of eyes, and I employ different and appropriate techniques case by case in order to best address each individual’s goal. For It is my goal to have everyone feel better at the end of a treatment than when we began.

Wellbeing can be about the bigger picture, often times with many pieces to the puzzle. That is why I love working with Diana and her network of therapists through Magnetic Health. Working together with Diana, we strive to see beyond the physical complaints in order to under stand further about emotional or energetic blockages, exchanging ideas about what is then the most appropriate treatment combination.

My Studio is located in the Watergraafmseer neighborhood in Amsterdam East. It would be my honour to help you address your chronic or acute pain complaints with a therapeutic massage treatment.


Rajesh Dalvi Massage

My name is Ingrid de Bruyn, qualified Shiatsu and Qi Gong Tuina therapist. Through massage, the body’s self-healing ability is activated, which promotes/accelerated healing. The approach is holistic. (Body and mind is one)

The massage is a meridian treatment and thus family of acupuncture. Where acupuncture works with needles, Shiatsu and Tuina use pressure points to restore balance in the body.

During treatment, Chinese therapeutic massage, effective manipulation techniques and acupressure are used.

Qigong Tuina combines massage with the blasting of Wai Qi (energy) in certain energetic areas or points of the body, depending on the complaint. Qi flows through the meridians of the body, just as water flows through the rivers.

If a blockage occurs in one of these meridians, body rivers, the Qi-flow can stagnate and the body become unbalanced, getting sick. The goal of the traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, to solve these blockages, so that the Qi can flow freely through the body again.