Neutralizes the pH value in the body to remove viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites.


Bioenergetic can answer the usual question: “How can I let go of this? What is the cause of this? “


NES Health

A scan that monitors 150 systems. Indicates where you have energetic and emotional blockages that can slow down your full recovery.

Massage Therapy

A combination of several manual techniques & pulsed Magnetic therapy. This treatment is suitable for chronic situations.

Pranic Healing

Energetic treatment that Prana uses to accelerate the healing power of the body.



Do you suffer from complaints that do not seem to be a solution?

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue symptoms that you cannot explain, do you run into a burnout or do you have chronic inflammations or other inexplicable signs of disease? Do you feel like you are being sent from the box to the wall and you always get to hear that nothing can be found or that it is even between your ears?

Only when the cause is removed can definitive healing be achieved.

I would like to look at the cause of the problem and the treatment that suits you. I am going to look for the underlying cause of the complaints and pick up the source. So I help people to live a healthy life every day and I like to do that for you!


Multidisciplinary team work for best results.

Over the years I have gained my knowledge of courses, workshops and seminars but much more importantly through daily experiences where experience teaches me something new. All this gives me the opportunity to use a unique vision and approach.

To help you, I offer various treatments (biomagnetism, NES, bodywork, Pranic Healing) usually in the form of a combination treatment.

This gives me the opportunity to reach your physical, emotional, energetic parts, improve and heal the ability. I believe in a multidisciplinary team work for better health, that’s why I like to work with your doctor/doctor or any other therapist you see.


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