Massage Therapy

I am a graduated physiotherapist who recognizes the importance of massage therapy in certain cases. I treat people with injuries & chronic pain/illness. I am focused on restoring vital functions and eliminating pain with massage and physiotherapy techniques, miHealth and biofeedback/pulsed magnetic frequencies, exercises. To go back to the (full) health as soon as possible.

Please contact me if you want to tell me more about your problem and I can see if I can help you.

If you are relatively healthy and looking for relaxation or to improve overall wellbeing/relieve stress/remedy acute pain, I can also refer you to other therapists. I personally recommend the therapists Simone van Rees and Genna Neilson.



Massage therapy treats chronic situations such as inflammation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, accidents. Can perform regeneration of the tissues if you combine pulsating magnetic field therapy.

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